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Pre Mixed Ready Made Peptide Pen Range

At Direct sarms, we provide a variety of pre-mixed and ready-to-use premium peptides for research purposes. If you are new to research, combining peptides may be difficult or confusing. With our pre-mixed peptide ready-to-use pens, we provide the perfect solution!

At Direct Sarm, we have created a range of pre-mixed peptide pens. These are perfect for people who are new to research peptides and are unsure how to mix them. Our pre-mixed pens come in our full range of peptides on Direct Sarms.

Our pre-mixed pens can be bought as a package which includes a pen case, pen needles, and a cartridge pre-filled by us with the peptide of your choice and mixed with bacteriostatic water.

We also sell our pre-mixed cartridges individually if you already own a pen and need to buy the pre-filled cartridges.

The listings give clear information on how long each cartridge would last and how many would be required to finish the course of that particular research peptide.